Curbing Anti-Islamic Prejudice through Music Education

A thought occurred to me the other day while reading a few articles about the past and current state of Islam in our national and global communities: If music education can be used as an instrument in teaching students about other cultures, as well as helping them to become more receptive to and respective of other worldviews and belief systems on the whole, then can it also be used SPECIFICALLY to curb the rise of anti-Islamic sentiments and rhetoric that has become increasingly prevalent since the 9/11 terrorist attacks? After all, one of the biggest factors in being more open minded to things that seem different or foreign is exposure – only through exposure can something become more familiar, and therefore seem less threatening. Even if this doesn’t directly counteract anti-Islamic prejudice, it can at least help to reframe the way in which individuals experience and ultimately interpret both Islam and anti-Islamic sentiment. Furthermore, if the platform of a music educator can be used to such ends, how viable/practical would this approach actually be in communities with strong anti-Islamic views? Especially in “red states,” such as Texas, how easy would it be to include this in the public school music classroom without provoking public or political backlash?