Autism Village

Topher Wurts, father of a 13-year old son with autism, is developing a mobile app called Autism Village. According to Wurts, the aim of this app is to “allow people in the autism community to add, rate and review different restaurants, museums, parks, playgrounds and other locations based on ‘autism friendliness.’”

I don’t know about you, but I wish there were more apps like this that catered to individuals, and friends and family of individuals, with specific mental or physical disabilities. I also feel like there ought to be similar apps involving education. One way this could be done would obviously be to have apps for rating and commenting about the level of “friendliness” of a school’s campus and facilities. Although there likely already exist ways to find out this kind of information, it may help for these people to hear more input from those who actually have experience dealing with the challenges posed by such disabilities. In this regard, I also feel such apps ought to tap into input from educators and administrators. People in these professions are privy to experiences and information that many are not (e.g. what assistive tech is best for a specific problem, or what places are best for education/recreation activities), and their input could go a long way in informing not only the users of apps like these, but their developers as well. At the same time, these kinds of apps could also be useful for educators themselves, helping them to plan out class activities, field trips, etc.

Click here if you’d like to help support Wurts’s kickstarter for Autism Village.


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